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About us

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Company History

In 2014, Dr. Rémi Nguyen has moved to Myanmar to study Civil and Commercial Law and to understand the specificities of the legal system. During his Ph.D contract, he met and worked with U Tin Aye, a well-reputed Myanmar advocate and legal consultant based in Yangon.
Dr. Rémi Nguyen and Mr. Jeff Giné met during the course of their Master’s Degrees and studied together in France and in England. In 2016, Mr. Jeff Giné moved to Yangon to work as an in-house legal counsel in a Myanmar local company.

Ever since they started working in Myanmar, Dr. Rémi Nguyen and Mr. Jeff Giné, together with the extensive experience of Mr. Tin Aye, could observe in their own area of expertise that foreign companies needed a better knowledge and understanding of Myanmar Law and that mainly local business expertise was essential in order to expand their business. They also realised in the meantime, that local companies had to face new local rules and regulations, as well as comply with international standards.

Therefore, they decided to create a law firm with the ambition of helping and assisting local and foreign companies in their growth and managing their legal challenges.

Company approach and focus

As a corporate and commercial law firm, we focus strongly on the needs of our clients and their respective businesses. The practice is built on our reputation to offer legal and tax advice and assistance to businesses at each step of their lifecycle, to represent and accompany our clients and to manage cases in various legal fields with an extensive knowledge of Myanmar economical and legal context.

We guarantee each client the expertise, the hard work and commitment he deserves when facing the challenges of a legal issue. Through the range of services, we can respond swiftly to address the needs of our clients locally. No matter the circumstances, we will do everything we can to obtain the best results for our clients.


Our consultants have the ability to execute projects in a cost-effective manner that ensures optimal results for our clients within the shortest possible time, based on the following tools and considerations:

  1. Extensive access and knowledge of all the necessary and available resources to implement the projects;
  2. A skilled team focused on providing the best expertise, tailor-made for each particular project;
  3. Access to a large legal library, including electronic media, enhancing the ability of our professional team to perform research in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Fee & Tariff structure

Our fees and tariff structure can be negotiated with each client to suit their needs. Among others, the importance, urgency and intricacy of the work are factors taken into account in determining the appropriate fee structure or hourly tariffs. On commercial matters, agreement can be reached on a varied fee structure, depending on the successful outcome of a transaction or the specificities of each project.

Conflict of interest

When conducting business, our firm applies a strict “no conflict of interest” policy in order to avoid any actual or potential prejudice to its clients.

Corporate citizenship

Our firm is committed to playing an active role and positively contribute to the evolution of Myanmar society. As part of our firm’s corporate social investment, we engage in a number of public benefit activities in relation with Myanmar Law including but not limited to:

Creation and maintenance of the website Myanmar Law Library

  • This website provides an access and eases the knowledge and awareness of Myanmar Law in order to support and strengthen legal certainty in the country. Most of the legal texts are available in English and in Burmese. However, most of the contemporary law is accessible in Burmese. The main aim of Myanmar Law Library is to facilitate the research for legal professionals, students and law professors;
  • Myanmar Law Library is a complementary legal tool of the Myanmar Law Information System from the Union Attorney General’s Office.

Supporting and enhancing the modernisation of Myanmar Law

  • Our team is in constant discussion with the legal community to understand their needs with focus on the modernisation of Myanmar Law;
  • We provide trainings or organise conference in order to present our view and gather feedback on the future of Myanmar law for authorities, professionals and students; among them: }}}
    • We organised conference on the codification of civil law at the Institut Français de Birmanie in Yangon;
    • We are providing legal courses in different Universities such as Yangon University, Dagon University and East Yangon University;
    • We have provided compliance trainings in East Yangon University.
  • Rendering pro bono legal services in matters of public significance}}
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